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CyLence Group is a leading Cyber Security company which focuses primarily on consultancy, integration and services in the Cyber domain. CyLence’s expertise and knowledge answer its global clients with all needed requirements. CyLence’s uniqueness is that it accompanies its clients throughout the complete project integration journey. 

Being an experienced and knowledge-based company, CyLence is proud to count in its team the best experts in the field from Israel and around the world. CyLence Group collaborates with National and Civil NPOs, and agencies to provide its customers with best-of-breed services and capabilities. 

Cylence Group brings ‘battle proven’ expertise and know-how in the field of cyber security, threat intelligence, legal issues, and various methodologies. 

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Our Values

The mission of CyLence Group is to provide nations and organizations security, based on our expertise in the field of cybersecurity. Being active in this field from its inception we are recognized by our rigorous core values. CyLence is composed of certified and qualified experts with years of experience.

Business minded, our strategic advantage is our determination to provide you with the highest standards in cybersecurity integration and services. CyLence’s industry-leading professionals provide its clients with clear process workflow and team communication, collaboration, and responsiveness.

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Executive Summary

Cybercrime is a key concern in developing and emerging markets. Over recent years, markets have been affected by a rapid increase in the number of cyber attacks and data breaches, where global digital financial services have been particularly affected.

Governments and private institutions in emerging markets have started implementing cyber security strategies, standards, and risk management guidelines. Cyber security management and monitoring requires expertise and resources with the relevant background and experience; training centers; cyber assessment and penetration analysis.

Cyber attacks are now widely acknowledged as a growing and significant threat to the integrity, efficiency and robustness of global financial markets. CyLence Group provides in-depth cyber security services to meet the challenges facing agencies, institutions and nations.

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