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CyLence Risk-Management-Consulting

Risk Management Consulting

We provide our customers with a ‘trusted consultant’ cyber and security consultancy. 
We capture your requirements in order to customize a solution in order to mitigate the risks presented by actual threats. 

Our solutions include the tools needed to limit potential damage, and provide ongoing risk assessment through use of best-of-breed technology and methodology. 
Our consulting team conducts a thorough analysis of risk management; governance, identification, protection, detection, and response and recovery. 

We submit relevant options for the right risk-management solutions for you based upon your security requirements and a comprehensive cost/benefit analysis. This will enable your executive management to recognize actual security risks.
o Securing large amounts of sensitive data. 
o Consolidate their internal network systems. 
o Plan for future security investments and initiatives. 
o Develop concrete action plans to eliminate potential risks. 
o Ensure comprehensive and up-to-date regulatory compliance. 
o Make well-informed decisions about threats on their financial institution. 



We provide our customers with Security Operations Centers (SOC) facility, through the full project lifespan – acquiring requirements, solutions design, vendor selection, installation, integration training, and commissioning. We provide our customers with full maintenance and support. We collaborate with a variety of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) vendors, vetting and training Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) teams. 

A Security Operation Center (SOC) is a centralized facility within an organization employing experts, processes, and technology to continuously monitor and improve an organization’s security efficiency while preventing, detecting, analyzing, and responding to cybersecurity incidents. 

A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is a subsection within the field of computer security, where software products and services combine security information management and security event management. They provide real-time analysis of security alerts generated by applications and network hardware. A Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) is an expert group that handles computer security incidents. Created to help companies identify and respond to cyber risks. 

CyLence Cyber-VIP-for-Organizations’-Executives

Cyber-VIP Organizations Executives

Providing the Organization’s VIP executives with a full suite of cyber protection – them, their families and key figures in the organization. We define both the level of threat and security all the way to national and MIL-STD cybersecurity level. 

We provide ongoing monitoring of the IT environment at home, on social media and at the darknet. Monitoring and Providing alerts regarding any criminal or hostile activity. 

Our team has developed a unique methodology that identifies and addresses the principal’s organizational comportment, cyber type profile, protection efficacy, along with all of their vulnerabilities and weak points. 

The result is an extremely comprehensive report which provides specific instructions on how to correct each identified weakness and how to develop and improve the protection of a particular executive, their family and all of the weak links in the chain that can lead to a cyber compromise or personal safety threat. 

CyLence Military-Grade-Penetration-Testing

Military Grade Penetration Testing

Attacking the organization in a holistic attack manner, carried out by the most assiduous hackers. We utilize multiple attack vectors to expose and penetrate the organization’s most valuable assets and intellectual property (IP). We provide our customers with target proof of penetration – and the know-how of amending the security breaches. We provide these military-grade penetration testing services to organizations with high cybersecurity awareness and on-going ‘Red Teams’ and Penetration Testing (PT) methodologies and services. 

CyLence Group provides a practical approach to test the resilience of your entire network, applications, firewalls, processes, and personnel within your organization. Our simulated attacks performed by former military cyber professionals aim to expose current weaknesses within your cybersecurity defenses that, after being identified, will allow your security team to remedy them before a real hacker discovers the flaws. 

The Military Grade Red Team consultants use a mix of social engineering and cyber skills to exploit the organization’s defenses. The attack intends to achieve the following: 
o Identify network, application, hardware, software, and human vulnerabilities within your organization.
o Provide you with a realistic understanding of cyber risks within your organization
o Help your security team to address and patch all identified vulnerabilities 

CyLence Incident-Response

Incident Reponse

Incident response services are designed to help in the remediation efforts following a cyberattack. Following an attack and penetration, we provide a full suite of responses technical support, negotiators, legal consulting and more. Our cyber and crypto experts response-team follow our methodology of containment, determine the causes, conduct damage assessment, recover lost information, and reduce future vulnerabilities. We have unique capabilities and know-how of handling and responding to ransom attacks. 

CyLence Group provides an organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or cyberattack, computer or security incident. The goal is to manage the situation in a way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs. 
CyLence Group focus categories in such incident response are: 
o forensics analysis 
o vulnerability management 
o net flow and traffic analysis 
o endpoint security management 
o employee awareness and training 
o firewall, intrusion prevention, and DoS mitigation security incident and event management (SIEM) 

CyLence Cyber-Intelligence-and-Alert

Cyber Intelligence and Alert

“If you know the enemy, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” (Sun Tzu, The Art of War). Intelligence and knowing the enemy are the basis of protecting your organization. We provide worldwide top-grade services of cyber intelligence to prevent and alert our customers. From new vulnerabilities discovered, leaked sensitive information, organized attack groups and more – our cyber intelligence services make your enemy look for a ‘more convenient’ target to attack. 

CyLence Group makes use of a threat intelligence platform that combines alerts into a single feed, removes duplicates and false positives, compares them with internal telemetry, and generates prioritized alerts. A very powerful threat intelligence platform creates a custom threat intelligence feed and curates it to set up automated alerting. 

Sorting out all alerts generated could be overwhelming. Triaging these alerts takes too long, and many are never investigated at all. ‘Alert fatigue’ leads analysts to take alerts less seriously than they should. Threat intelligence provides an antidote to many of these problems. Among other uses, it can be employed to filter out false alarms, speedup triage, and simplify incident analysis. 

CyLence Continuous-Cyber-Security-PT-and-Scoring

Cyber Penetration Testing

We provide the cyber personnel and organization managers with an ongoing automated and updated penetration testing, risk assessment, and security score for complex distributed organizations. 

If you are an international SOC manager or Cyber executive, are you aware of the cybersecurity state in your facilities and branches? Or are you only updated to the last inspection date, and who knows what happened since and what new attack vectors were constituted from the other side of the world? With our services – you are briefed weekly so as to be constantly aware of the cybersecurity status of the organization under your responsibility. 

Cybersecurity penetration testing has become more important in helping to determine if security controls are operating as intended and how well the information assets are protected. Testing methodology leans on guidelines from the security verification standards, which includes the following testing: 

Access Control, Business Logic, Data Protection, Session Management, Malicious Input Handling, Communications Security, Error Handling and Logging, Assessing software protections, Reverse engineering and tampering, Basic static and dynamic security testing, 
Authentication and Authorization mechanism bypass. 

CyLence Cyber-Training

Scoring Cyber Training

Keeping your cybersecurity personnel aware and updated is a very important buildingblock of the organizations’ cyber resilience. We provide multiple levels of vetting, training, certifications, on-job-training (OJT), and monitoring services. Among them: 
o Establishing Cyber Security Academy. 
o Remote SOC and Cyber Security teams. 
o Cyber Training Range establishment. 
o Cyber simulators. 

Cybersecurity training is an essential process for lifelong personnel education in organizations, especially for those who operate critical infrastructures. This is due to security breaches on popular services and raises people’s security awareness. Large organizations, small-to medium enterprises and individuals need to maintain their knowledge on the related topics up to date as a means to protect their business operations or to obtain professional skills. 

This training combines pedagogical practices and cyber-security modeling in an attempt to support dynamically adaptive training procedures. The training program is initially tailored to the trainee’s needs, promoting the continuous adaptation to his/her performance afterward. As the trainee accomplishes the basic evaluation tasks, the assessment starts involving more advanced features that demand a higher level of understanding. The overall method is integrated into a modern cyber-range platform.

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